About Badkitty Chocolatier

Santa Barbara California


First and foremost, I would like to say I am a proud Ukranian. Please help support my people in a time of crisis and uncertainty. 20% of each sale goes to medical expenses in Ukraine.

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, growing up in a vegetarian household and loving sweets, I would find myself creating my own delicious recipes to fulfill this sweet tooth of mine. I loved to roam around the neighborhoods finding treasures of fruits, flowers and herbs. I would come home and be so elated to having found this gold mine. I carry this through my life because I love nature and everything in it. I bask in nature and let that show through my love for this place we call home. I like to make my chocolates as earthy and healthy as possible.  

My organic and vegan chocolates are infused with botanicals such as herbs, spices, dried flowers, superfoods and adaptogens.  

As a previous career in floral designing, using gorgeous palates of colors and textures, I liked to make all my designs unique, beautiful, creative, colorful as well as absolutely delicious. That's how I also like to make my chocolates. So I hope you find these creations just as delicious as I do. 

-Michelle Lvoff, Chocolatier

Image by American Heritage Chocolate