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Curbside Pickup or delivery only. No store front.


Vegan Chocolates, 100% Organic

We offer all organic chocolates (Vegan & Boozy options too). Try our mouth watering Chocolates and Truffles bursting with layers of divine flavors

Try our Boutique Organic Chocolates


Kahlua Au Sleigh: 100% organic/Vegan. Coconut cream infused with Kahllua for 24 hrs,   Hawaiian macadamia nut coffee, dark chocolate ganache and coated in chocolate cookie. 

dirty chai vegan (1)_edited.jpg

Dirty Balls: 100% Organic/ Vegan. Homemade Chai spice blend, espresso, dark chocolate ganache, coated in GF vanilla chai cookie.

peppermint truffle 2021.jpg

Peppermint: 100% Organic/Vegan. Peppermint candy in dark chocolate ganache, coconut cream and coated in coconut and a hint of peppermint candy. 


Boozy Bacon: 100% organic. Bulleit Rye Bourbon infused coconut cream in milk chocolate swirled with hormone free Bacon and covered in maple pecans. 


So Matcha Love: 100% Organic/Vegan. Matcha powder & coconut cream in vegan dark chocolate and coated in more Matcha.  

thai tea truffles 2021_edited.jpg

Thai Tea: 100% organic. Thai tea in white chocolate ganache  and coated in coconut. 


Gingerbread: 100% Organic. Homemade earthy gingerbread spices including Tumeric are merried in milk chocolate ganache and coated in gingerbread cookies. 


Wasabi Lime: 100% organic. Wasabi..yes, that's right. Wasabi and fresh lime zest in white chocolate ganache and coated in shredded coconut & lime zest. 


Rose Cacao: 100%

organic/Vegan Chocolate Bark.   Rose petals and raw cacao nibs in dark chocolate for the win. Healthy, sexy and satisfying.  


Cardamom Hazelnut 100% organic/Vegan Chocolate Bark.  Cardamom, coffee & hazelnuts in dark chocolate


MOnster Pack:  Ghouls in the gang: Vegan Pink dragon  (PInk dragon fruit & coconut truffle)  & Matcha Monster, Pumpkin spice & Monsters in the Dark. 

*Coffin not included . Contains 8 total, 2 of each kind.